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Strong recovery in the order intake - Same level as in the previous year despite slightly lower sales - Order backlog remains substantial and balance sheet remains solid
Structural changes to optimise earnings in the long term – reduction in staff at our Mönchengladbach and Bielefeld sites – negotiations opening with the works councils
Annual General Meeting of Starrag Group Holding AG: All motions of the Board of Directors approved
As expected, order intake, sales and income fell in 2020 – slight improvement in order intake and income in the second half of the year – major progress in strengthening the Group internally
Order intake, sales and income saw declines in 2020 as expected – Slight improvement in order intake and income in the second half of the year – Major progress in strengthening the Group internally
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2019 financial year: As expected, lower order intake and higher sales, while EBIT margin lower – order backlog still solid

America Asia Europe 13 % 54 % 33% by region Order intake
Mio CHF. 4 0 8 12 16 20 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 per year Net Income

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As already announced during the course of the reporting year, Starrag Group’s order intake in 2019 was lower than in the previous year. At CHF 343 million, it was 26% below the 2018 level (24% at constant exchange rates), which was the second highest in the history of the company and influenced by several large orders.

Dr. Christian Walti, CEO. Thomas Erne, CFO

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